Droid vpn unlimited accounts.


Hellos ,in this toturial,am going to show you how you can create unlimited droid accounts that you can use ,&nbsp ;

they have a limit of 300mbs per day. Working account and working settings  can give you free connection on internet. The benefit of this post is that some people are being affected by the situation, and can't buy data for internet use.


1. Any network Simcard

2. Droid vpn app

3. Outlook emails

You need an internet provider like Airtel or MTN , to get internet connection. 

We need droid vpn app ,it's the tunneling app that we are going to use ,  it uses  protocol udp ,http ,tcp ,it has inbuilt servers and this time am going to show to create free accounts , we will be using the free servers to get connected to the internet and browse privately.

Inorder to get unlimited emails we are going to use 

Now to create up account , simply go to 
https://outlook.live.com  sign up account ,

Then go to your droid vpn with the details from Outlook, go to account tab ,head to sign up,

After signing up an account for droid vpn using your outlook email account, head to outlook site then verify your account for the details entered in droid vpn. Simply go to dashboard , check in inbox tab, if email from droid isn't there ,then check in the junk email.

Now verify your details ,for the droid account to star working.

After verifying ,go to your droid vpn then enter details.
Try these logins 

Username: Taggal
Password: taglineug

Choose any free server then connect.

Incase you need to create up another account for droid, go to outlook create another account then proceed to Droid
And create another login .

NOTE : this post is for educational purposes once misused it may lead to you problems

Video Toturial coming , go to youtube and subscribe to kabandotagline ug 

Thank you

Incase of any question ,ask . will be dropped

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