The reasons why you are looking for legal ways to make money online in Uganda can vary, but this is usually one of them - there is a lot of useless content on the Internet on this topic.

And you are not ready to spend your precious time on such fluff. So this article will be brief and straight to the point.

Whether you intend to start your own online business or need ways to earn money online to meet your demanding needs, you are in the right place.

So how can you make money online in Uganda in this post-Covid-19 era?

Here is a quick list of 6 legit ways to make money online in Uganda;

Work for companies online

Make money sending emails

Turn your passion into money

Sell ​​your voice recordings.

Make money from your thoughts and ideas

Sell ​​your unwanted things to others

Without further ado, let's look at each of the above methods in detail.

Do you have valuable skills? Some companies might hire you to work for them online. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

Here are companies hiring people to work for them online from Uganda;

Copy Press

Copy Press is a content management platform that helps online businesses create engaging marketing content for their websites.

Working at Copy Press ranges from article writing to graphic design to video editing, web development and more. All you have to do is register on their supplier page. At the time of this writing, Copy Press is looking for writers on various sports topics and editors.

By clicking the Register button, you will be taken to the next page where you can choose the branch you want to join. This will prompt you to take a 30-minute test.

A typical Copy Press test may consist of English grammar questions and a real test to see if you can meet the expectations of Copy Press clients.

For example, a written test may involve writing 1 or 2 articles for one of their clients, which they may give you up to two weeks to complete and submit (If you are unable to submit by this time, prior communication with the project manager they have assigned your work to is essential) . Of course, they will pay you for this real test if you deliver great copy that their client approves of.

What if you are not good at writing? Do not worry! There are several free online tools to help you write like a pro.

Just Google free online writing tools and you'll get the help you need to get started with article writing.

So if you want to earn some extra money by writing articles for some of the world's renowned brands, Copy Press, Inc is worth checking out.

By the way, one thing I found helpful is to research Copy Press first before doing the test; some of the things you might want to research ahead of time are; what writing style they use, how they structure their articles, etc.

Pretty scary? Do not worry! Here is a link to the secret Copy Press knowledge base they have created for their suppliers that can help you with all the information you need to prepare for the test.


Engoo (formerly known as Bibo Global) is an online tutoring company that teaches English to people in more than 70 countries around the world.

Tutors can choose their schedule when they are available to work. Each lesson lasts around 25 minutes and you'll earn between £2.5 and £10 after completing each tutoring session.

Tutoring is via Skype so make sure you have stable internet, a good camera and a noise canceling headset to enjoy your session.

A typical Engoo application process may consist of a general knowledge of their platform and an understanding of English.

It can also be topped off by doing a live demo with one of their community managers to make sure you're giving their students a great learning experience.

But don't worry about the demo; They have a platform that can teach you before you sign up. There are also many tutorials on YouTube that explain everything you might need before you take the test.

The tutorial that gave me a lot of information before applying is by Jho Oliveros. Although it is a combination of English and Tagalog (the language of the Philippines), you can still learn a lot from this video alone.

So if you have something for tutoring, you can check out their landing page and give it a try.


Like Copy Press, Ezdia only creates online content for other businesses that focus on online stores like Walmart, Alibaba, Amazon, etc.

Their content revolves around product descriptions and sales-oriented product pages. So if you are good at persuading others, this might be your thing.

And if you're not good at writing compelling descriptions, you can use the free online tools I mentioned above. They can also help you write compelling product descriptions.

Ezdia pays via Paypal for each completed task. Wait isn't that out of your reach because Ugandans can't accept money via Paypal? Not at all! There are several ways to get around and get a verified Paypal account even if you are Ugandan. (Let us know via support so we can write a detailed article about it).

Do you feel that Ezdia is worth a try? Go to their registration page and give them a try.


Do you understand the German language well? If you do, you can write articles on the website for Content.de and get paid for each one you write.

Content.de is a content platform where online businesses post jobs for freelancers like you to fill, and once the content you create meets the client's expectations, their clients will pay you for your hard work.

The topics you can write for can range from lifestyle to e-commerce, search engine optimization and more.

The good thing is that since Content.de's target workers are those who speak fluent German, there is less likely to be strong competition for work compared to other platforms that target English writers.

The fact that they allow writers from all over the world to write for them is a good sign that they would take you on board if you're up for it. Why not give them a try on their worker registration page?

2. Make money sending emails

No doubt you have email and are already receiving regular emails from an individual or business that you have signed up to receive occasional emails from.

Did you know that if you buy an item recommended by the author, they end up getting a piece of the sale?

In a sense, they earn online by sending emails. It's called email marketing. Granted, you won't buy the item today, but someone else touched by the email will.

All you need to do is create an email list to start sending occasional emails to. If this list grows, it becomes your audience to sell anything to. This allows you to reach out to established businesses to offer you offers that you can share with your audience.

The good thing about an email list is that it's yours forever, you can't rely on other platforms to monetize it, so it's sustainable. You are also the one who sets the price for whoever wants to sell to them. Just make sure you don't sell this list to third-party marketers – once your audience finds out, it could be the end of your hard work.

3. Turn your passion into cash

Is there something you are good at that you enjoy? It can be any hobby or anything else that you know very well and like to do.

For example, I love writing; I am so excited to tell others about things and so on. I was able to turn it into money through blogging.

How? People are always looking for things on the internet. Take yourself for example; you wanted to find out legitimate ways to make money online in Uganda.

Where did you look for answers? Online. All I had to do was provide the most reasonable explanation that even Google felt compelled to recommend to you.

So how do I earn? Simple - operation. With many people like you reading this article, I am creating an audience that companies like Google, MTN, Coca-Cola, Jumia and many others around the world would love to advertise to.

So it pays me to rent them some space on this site, like the various ads you may already see in addition to this article! True, you don't give me any money, but your presence allows me to earn money from other companies that need your audience.

You too can start your own blog where you can talk about things that others might be looking for online. If you would like to start blogging, be the first to join our Be Your Own Boss course which we are launching soon. In this course, we will teach you everything you need to start a successful blog of your own.

4. Sell your voice recordings

Do you have a great voice and can narrate well or organize your thoughts into an engaging audio guide? You can record them and sell them on Audible!

Audible is the leading platform for people like you to turn your skills into audiobooks that millions of people would love to listen to while driving, exercising, or doing other things.

You might be thinking, “But my voice isn't as nice as the voice I hear on Audible.” Don't worry; there are several online text-to-speech tools that you can use.

One such software that I would recommend is Balabolka I recommend it because it has the option of online tools that have a variety of real human voices to choose from and they are all free.

It also allows you to save the converted audio file in several options such as wav, mp3 and many other formats.

What if you don't know how to write a great script or feel like the voiceovers you created with Balabolka aren't engaging enough? If you have some 60k, you can outsource the project to a Fiverr expert who will do it for you in less than a week!

5. Monetize your thoughts and ideas

Can you brilliantly incorporate your ideas into an engaging video that others would love to watch? You can create your own YouTube channel and focus on growing your audience.

Once your channel reaches 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of total watch time per year, it may be eligible to join the YouTube Partner Program.

If YouTube accepts you into the program, you'll start making money from the ads YouTube places on your video.

YouTube has also recently launched another opportunity for you to take advantage of – YouTube Shorts. These are short videos that you can make with your smartphone in the youtube app.

YouTube has set aside a pool for short films from paying creators who meet its criteria. Creators could earn anywhere from $100 to $10,000. Authors who qualify are paid based on views, engagement and watch time.

Why not be among the early birds and create your own YouTube channel? All you need is a smartphone as well as the YouTube app installed to start growing your audience.

6. Sell your unwanted stuff to others

Do you have items that you no longer use that are valuable enough to get you some extra cash in a short amount of time? Why not use established platforms like this and other online classifieds to sell them?

Another strategy you can use to make money online through ads in Uganda is to imitate the Kampala falconers. How? Talk to shop owners who have great items and partner up to take high quality photos to post in your classifieds.

Of course, you have to list your contact as the owner and set a price that is much higher than the seller's price; once someone is interested you simply go and get the item and deliver it to the interested buyer and keep the commission.

The good thing about most of these platforms is that their services are 100% free. For example, our classifieds platform is completely free here! Now you can create an account and start advertising your items.

These are some of the ways I use to make extra money to cover a few expenses here and there; some of them are quick fixes to help you earn some extra income, and others have the potential to change your life forever if you do them the right way. Want to know how to do it? Join our waiting list for a course we're launching soon; we'll teach you how for one whole year - for free! And you won't regret it in the end.

What do you think? Are there other ways you've tried that work for you? Share them in the comments section below.

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